Tip of the month: Traveling with kids

Tip of the month: Traveling with kids

Having holidays with family is the perfect occasion to have good time with kids and strengthen ties. Travelling with family is the best opportunity to explore and live unique adventures.

We let you some advice to have a peaceful journey with the kids:

– Taking all the documentation necessary. You should not forget any paper, above all when it is about a long-term journey.

– Losing the fears to travel with kids. You should be going more relax and should slow down without having it all planed. You should be flexible to adapt yourselves of the kids’ needs.

– Teaching while traveling: traveling is the best way to learn. You can teach them: geography, orientation, biology, geology, languages, culture, art and history…

– Taking a first-aid kit and if you expose yourselves to the sun, do not forget sun protection.

– Planning activities: it is important that everyone must choose one activity that want to do. Planning altogether the trip will help them to get motivated and involved.

– You can travel during the night if the journey is too long. Thus, kids could be sleeping during it. If they do not, it would be better to road short distances and have breaks.

– Helping them to pack, it will foment them to participate in the trip organization.

– Getting prepared a snack bags with food and beverage as well as toys or something to entertain them during the journey.

If you are looking for a place with all the facilities you may need to enjoy a trip with your family, do not hesitate to contact us. Last but not least, you can feel like home at the Hotel Madanis and sure enjoy a delightful stay.

We look forwards to seeing you soon.

Madanis Team

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