How to have the best memory of our vacation?

How to have the best memory of our vacation?

Travelling has become a passion. We do it with the loved one, with friends or family. We merely want to enjoy, know a new destination, to learn a new culture and live new experiences. Traveling creates life-long memories that will be there for you throughout your life. As everybody knows, pictures are the best way to immortalise moments. Through pictures, we can tell stories and communicate strong emotions. They help us to remember great things we lived and shared.


From our Front Desk, we will advise you to contact the Professional Photographers Just Shot who will capture the most beautiful moments in your trip. Just Shot is a specialised business in photography. Its aim is that each traveler that visits Barcelona brings back with him an unforgettable memory. Just Shot suggests many options and meet its customers’ needs and speak several languages such as English, Spanish, Italian and French…


See below the different packages they can propose:

– Express Pack: Session for half an hour. Price: 45€

rebajada 2

– Singular Pack: Session for an hour. Price: 60€

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Itinerant Pack : Session for two hours. Price 110€.

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Tour Pack : Session for four hours. Prix : 200€

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You can use many modes of transports like walking (or wheeling with bicycle) or vehicular trip (bus, metro). You can choose the place where you want this photo shoot. The photographers are Barcelona native people. Thus, they know exactly every particular secret of the town and could advise you.

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All the packs include all the retouched HD pictures on the 8Gb USB key. The USB key can be handed directly to the guests or can be delivered to the Hotel.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. You can set up your own session from our Front Desk. Finally, you could always count on us to help you to get your best trip in our city.

Madanis Team

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