Hospitalet’s Medusa

Hospitalet’s Medusa

In our Madanis Hotel ****, as many of you already know, is where you find our restaurant La Medusa.

You will probably wonder why our restaurant is called like this, and more taking into account that Hospitalet de Llobregat, city where we are located, is a city without sea, because as you probably know, medusa is jellyfish in Spanish.


La Medusa de L’Hospitalet. Source:

Medusa turns one of the great symbols of this city. But we are not referring to the sea animal that sometimes sour our vacations; we are referring to the goddess of the Greek mythology that turned stone to all that looked at her, the goddess Medusa.


This is because the most important archaeological element found, so far, in Hospitalet is none other than the part of a funerary monument dated from the 2nd Century CE. where it appears the head of this goddess of the Greek mythology, Medusa.

Medusa is for Hospitalet de Llobregat a very important symbol, so that’s why the local government decided in 2006 to put its image in the gift that is given to the most illustrious people who visit the city.

In Madanis we could not be less, and in honor of this important symbol we decided to put the name of this mythological Greek goddess, Medusa, to our restaurant.

Ours is a restaurant where you can found both Spanish and international dishes, and the common thread to all of them are always fresh and seasonal products.

The kitchen of our Restaurant La Medusa, is open every day from 07:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., we have both a varied fixed menu and a daily menu.

Whether you stay in one of our hotels or not, you will be welcomed to have dinner at La Medusa.

We hope to see you son!


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