The Hotel Castillo de Somaén is the ideal place to celebrate a special and different wedding.


We have different spaces in the exterior and also in the interior, where you can perform civil weddings or the celebration of a religious wedding.

Our capacity according to the space we have, are weddings of up to 100 guests.

Visit our hotel and you will see the different options that exist to celebrate the ceremony, the aperitif and the subsequent banquet that can be both cocktail and sitting.

There are several places within the hotel that can be chosen to celebrate the same wedding. In this way they go to different rooms making a tour of the entire hotel and can enjoy different views. The bride and groom love it and the guests even more because they make the wedding more fun and dynamic.

There are the gardens of the Arab Castle cataloged National Monument that is Historical Patrimony of the Humanity where to celebrate a wedding with those unbeatable views is something unforgettable.

There is also an esplanade attached to the garden of the Castle, the walk where the old Hermitage of Santa Quiteria was located in the skirt of the Castle where there is a metal arbor full of flowers, in another garden located next to the hotel pool where there are views of the the incredible mountains, in the viewpoint that overlooks the river Jalón, the mountains and with views of the Castle or if you prefer in the interior, we have two spectacular main rooms and a very cozy dining room.

Celebrate your wedding at the Hotel Castillo de Somaén without a doubt will be a wise decision, we adapt to the needs of each couple, adapting the space according to what you want and organize the wedding according to your tastes and preferences.